Friday, September 13, 2013

Stylish Space with a Small Bathroom Vanity

Virtu USA Vanities

The city is calling. The perpetual move, shake, and hum of the environment drives forward new ideas, new perspectives, new desires, and new prospects. That also means a new attitude towards designing a space that you can call your won, without reservations. Granted, vacant space is at a premium in city centers, but even that ought not be an impetus for stifled creativity. Quite the contrary. Somehow, having a scale model of what a bathroom would be like inside a sprawling home (not even a mansion), resourceful decorators with a yen to get out of the box rife with design conventions know that a small bathroom vanity can pack a healthy dose of potential and panache into its shelves. These ingenious designs have perks written all over them. Firstly, they fit every style; secondly, they are easy to maintain; and thirdly, they are cost-effective (especially when you buy yours via an online distributor.

By the by, shelves and drawers are essential components of small bathroom vanities.  Used to be that a small bathroom vanity would suffice as a mere pedestal sink. Therein occurred a change, in which a bathroom became not just a bathroom but also a room with a character all its own—one that says neatness, relaxation, and edginess.

Smaller spaces, including apartments, row houses and the like, require careful consideration in terms of effectively using space for efficient storage, all the while accenting the bathroom. Our collection of vanities 23’’ and under, consists of top-brand sets and fixtures to suit your preference. 

In minimalist design, space is of the essence; therefore craftsmen truly take time in mapping out proportions in order to capture innovative patterns while utilizing the proper techniques for creating a vanity that would serve as elegant and neat storage space for your master bathroom. We carry a plethora of vanities of various motifs, including traditional, contemporary, Euro-Design, country, and Asian.  The skill of maximizing the minimum stems from the traditionally restricted area within a typical European or Asian apartment, where space accommodation is a top priority. In America, certain homes and apartments seek similar treatment; thus the team at List Vanities provides you with multiple options to vamp up your home and make the most of every square inch.

An efficient and stylish way to free up space and organize your bathroom is by purchasing small bathroom vanities with sets of drawers. Among the most in-demand models are wall mount vanities and pedestal, which allow not only for ample storage compartments for all your necessities, but also given their positioning, you are provided extra room to place additional drawers underneath the main cabinet that houses the sink.

Corner vanities are yet another solution to fit a uniquely constructed vanity with multiple compartments into a smaller bathroom.  They can easily mesh with the d├ęcor, in addition to being an easily installed fixture. The vanities are constructed with special ridges and orifices that make pipe installation easier and more effective.  Easy upkeep, easy elegance and easy economic relief are what you get with a small bathroom vanity.

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